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Worst Kept Secret

We love to make people think that we have our stuff together, that everything is going along just like we planned it. But when life throws us a curve, we can try and mask it but everyone's in on our secret. Our anger, bitterness and disappointment shows in our face and expressions while it leaps from our lips. There is so much anger that we "strike out" and Bang-On at something. This series attacks our "Worst Kept Secret" in life and how God wants to transform us;

1, Worst Kept Secret, Moses, Murder & Mayhem
2, Worst Kept Secret, A Deadly 1-2 Combination

3, Worst Kept Secret, Angry at Your Boss

4, Worst Kept Secret, Aray of Anger

5, Worst Kept Secret, A Moment of Rage

6, Worst Kept Secret, Bang-On

7, Worst Kept Secret, Wrap Up

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