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Up & Down-Jacob

"Everyone's like the moon, we all have a dark side." Mark Twain

We look at our backgrounds and families and wonder either;

  • "Boy, I'm so much better than most everyone else" or,

  • "How in the world did I not turn out so wofully awful?"

We all have a dark past and side, the question is what now. Are we going to sit in self-pity and self-medication or are we going to go to God for grace?

In this 10-part series, we'll look into our past, present and future through the life and times of one of the Bible's great examples of both faith and failure: Jacob.

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  • Bummer of a Background - Talk about a bad start, Jacob had lots of things going against him from day-one. He could have been really bummed out, but that didn’t stop God from speaking to and changing his life.

  • It’s a Dysfunctional Family Affair - Have you met someone that says that they were brought in a dysfunctional family? I’m still looking for just one family that was functional. God is so great that he even uses totally useless people for his glory and our good.

  • A “Rocky” Night - God takes Jacob one “rocky” night and promises always to watch over him and his family. From this “rocky” start, Jacob makes a promise to follow God all the days of his life, and so we should do the same.
  • That Was the Wedding that Was - We’ve all be to a wedding where we thought, “I give them less than a year.” This wedding went downhill before the honeymoon ever began, yet Jacob learned and lived through important life lessons.
  • Going 15 Rounds with God - Say what you want about him and all his obvious faults, but Jacob’s life and name changed this night as he “holds onto God.” But more than his name changed, so did the rest of his life.
  • Eating Humble Pie - We’ve all had to face someone that we’ve hurt. Jacob, now named Israel by God, walks up to his brother, not knowing what kind of punishment is in store. It required more than toughness, it took faith in God.
  • Passive Parents Produce Painful Penalties - Doing nothing can seem like the easy way out, but it only delays and amplifies the end results as Jacob chooses to look the other way. The end results are brokenness and pain within and without his family.
  • Back to Square One - Have you ever been lost or at a dead end and the only way out is to go back to where you’ve already been? Jacob finds himself directed to retrace his steps, where he learns important lessons about God, himself and life.
  • From Doubt to Depression - Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, the entire world crashes in on you. Jacob comes to that exact same place thinking that “everything is against me” and it’s the end of the road. Been there lately?
  • From Failure to Faith - Faced with ever increasing pressure and dwindling resources, both Israel and Judah make significant changes before God and their families. They go “all in” with faith to save their families, putting their lives on the line.
  • One Last Move - Is your life so predictable and stagnant tha the idea of "One Last Move" pushes you over the edge? You may be thinking that "One Last Move" is into assisted living, but God may have uniquely prepared you for a great task that requires one more move. As Jacob hears and sees evidence, he's willing to go all in for "One Last Move."

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