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Unfriendly Territory

We live in a culture and time that is not our friend, it is not looking out for us and our loved ones. This 12 part series will examine many of the unfriendly people, places and paths that are looking to destroy us. Click on the links below for each topic.

Week 1, Unfriendly family - Root causes and cures to broken family relationships
Week 2, Unfriendly workplace
- Success/Promotion leads to greater exposure and temptation
Week 3, Unfriendly surroundings
- Being locked away can be used by God to prepare us for greater service
Week 4, Living in hostile territory
- Speaking the truth so people can hear
Week 5, Success & promotion
- Organizing work and life to serve God and help people
Week 6, Friendly payback
- Why payback and vengeance are better left to God
Week 7, Unfriendly past
- Guilt pays a very heavy price
Week 8, Friendly payback
- Looking to help those that have hurt you
Week 9, Friendly reality
- Seeing and revealing who we really are is liberating
Week 10, Friendly reunion
- Putting the pieces of your family back together can take time, effort and energy
Week 11, Unfriendly smell
- Who says everyone’s going to love those you love
Week 12, Final victory
- Putting everything together

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