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Handyman for Life

There are many time in life when we sense that something is not right. Our relationships, finances and purpose seem to be falling apart at the seams. Overtaken with feelings of being powerless, we do not know the right steps to take, or how to get started.
Handyman for Life is a series on the God given tools and practical steps to repair the brokenness in our lives.

Week 1, Needing to Know - are we easily moved by the winds of emotion or through what we "know" to be true
Week 2, Real Pain Release
- Facing pain may be the first step towards true release
Week 3, Grace Land - Receiving grace is a virtually unknown experience today, yet this is EXACTLY how God deals with you and me
Week 4, Life Softners - Reaching the hardest people sometimes takes the courage of someone who's just normal enough to speak out
Week 5, Dynamic Duo - Sometimes it take more than one person to encourage someone into action
Week 6, God's Italian Dressing - Every once in a while, God "shakes us up" so that we can become who He wants is to be
Week 7, Faithful Father - Someone just like you and me looks for direction and help in raising their child
Week 8, Faithless and Faithful Father - We have both faith and doubt going on at the same time inside our heads
Week 9, Fully Free - How to get out from underneath all that guilt and shame we carry around
Week 10, Free to Forgive - Building a bigger view of our pain, hurt and failure
Week 11, The Unexpected - There are unexpected events and people that alter our perception of life
Week 12, Opening Doors - How different would your life be if there wern't people to open doors for you

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