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Elevator Life

Life is like an elevator; we go up up and down but it seems like we're not in control at all. And sometimes we get stuck between floors. Elevator Life is a series on living life with all its up, downs and even getting stuck between floors.

Week 1, My brook is dried up - instead of blaming everyone and everything, is there a deeper purpose to my "dry times?"
Week 2, What's next - God's next step for you after your brook dries up
Week 3 - Bring revived - even at the end of life, God's not finnished
Week 4 - The "long time" - What to do when it seems like the elevator is taking forever to come
Week 5 - Got a bad feeling about this - How to live when then the doors open and trouble steps out
Week 6 - Getting started - What to do when the doors close and the elevator starts to move

Mission – Using very unique and practical communication styles based on live and digital media, approach the issues and heartache that people face with the solution focused solely on a relationship with Jesus Christ as the answers to our greatest need.

– Jesus Christ so changes lives that people live differently and with new priorities to the point that they openly share their lives with others.

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